End of the Sea Change


On 21 April 2017, 23 Lamberton Street Yeppoon, which had been our home for 11 years, was sold.

Over those 11 years, we had made a goodly number of friends and Maria had got involved in a number of community projects through the Lioness Club and had learnt to play the game of Mah-jong during her stay.  Yeppoon also served as a magnificent geographic hub from which we were able to travel and explore the rest of this vast state with our small campervan.

Nevertheless, after much agonising, it was decided that a move to Brisbane would afford us a more cosmopolitan lifestyle – to take advantage of and provide easier access to theatres, restaurants, galleries and other cultural pursuits.

We also hoped that the move would make it easier for  family members to meet up more regularly.


The Marketing Campaign:






The Pack Up:

In anticipation of selling we had over the previous two years progressively boxed up spare and rarely used chattels as well as a lot of the books stored here and there.

We found an eager new owner in our next-door neighbour Pete for our aging leather lounge suite – it was over 15 years old!


Boxing and Culling




Last Night at 23 Lamberton St – Sleeping Rough

We finalised the pack-up in two days, the third was spent assisting the removalists and final cleaning while the fourth was spent driving back down to Brisbane to our new, albeit temporary, home in daughter Amy’s house in Coorparoo.



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